OK, so Romney beat Gingrich in Florida (and by a wide margin).

Rather than supplement my last tired post about the election with another equally tired update that few will see, I thought this called for a new post amplifying on my theme about the pointless damage caused by double negative campaigning.

As the Republicans are engaged in a seemingly relentless orgy of self destruction (or, as Roger Kimball put it, “The Suicide Club”), I think both Romney and Gingrich have an opportunity here. They can agree RIGHT NOW to put an end to it. It is obvious that Romney has the momentum overall, and is the most likely candidate to beat Obama, right?

Newt Gingrich is a sharp enough politician/historian to know this, right?

Similarly, Romney is a sharp enough businessman to realize the folly of throwing his money and energy against Gingrich in a protracted and mutually destructive campaign, right?

So why not cut a deal right now for a joint ticket? Just spare the bullshit and get on with the race.

Obama is already off to a running start.

Right now I am seeing no downside to this idea, but maybe I’m missing something.

Why is this a good time for the Republicans be mired in a protracted intra-party war with themselves?

Ideology, perhaps? Really?

Other than the fact that Gingrich’s drug war stance horrifies me, I’m not seeing more than a dime’s worth of difference (and a rhetorical difference at that) between the pair.

Seriously, it might be time to ask a serious question.

In whose interest is it for the two to battle it out?

(That was a rhetorical question, folks.)

Math is a funny thing:

…negative campaigning has a double effect. Even if the mud that is hurled happens to be truthful and sticks, the one who threw it looks bad for having thrown it. The process is unattractive to voters. And when both candidates are hurling mud, both are inevitably going to look doubly worse. (I hate it when these things come down to simple math.)

I’m not a mathematician, but I seem to remember some rule about two negatives being a positive.

MORE: The analysis is endless.

(As the lefties would say, “Endless this war!”)