Oliver K. Manuel in the comments at Climate Etc. alerted me to this post about the Corruption Of America.

These problems manifest themselves in different ways across institutions in all parts of our society. But at their root, they are simply facets of the same stone. They are all part of the same essential problem.

The corruption of America isn’t happening in one part of our country… or in one type of institution. It is happening across the landscape of our society, in almost every institution. It’s a kind of moral decay… a kind of greed… a kind of desperate grasp for power… And it’s destroying our nation.

Say. Didn’t I write something about that just hours ago? Yes, I did.

I had some hope that Palin might do something about it. But she seems to have retired from politics. The best thing I can see to do for now is to just let go and wait for the pain levels to rise. The collapse to become harder. The point where people are willing to listen. While I’m waiting you can ponder this:

The love of Government (aka Power) is the root of all evil.

I might add that the biggest government corruption I know if is Narco Dollar Recycling.