Climate change skepticism leads to blog crackdown by “Justice” Department

Glenn linked this post earlier, and my concern was aroused. Much of the discussion of the above event has mentioned the formal notice sent to WordPress by the US Justice Department. That notice asked WordPress to freeze records associated with three blogs hosted on its US-based servers. Those blogs were: (written by Tallbloke, who […]

Unwanted Volts

I don’t want a Chevy Volt. So why do I have to pay for someone else’s Chevy Volt? Chevy Volt Costing Taxpayers Up to $250K Per Vehicle Analyst: ‘This might be the most government-supported car since the Trabant’ Each Chevy Volt sold thus far may have as much as $250,000 in state and federal dollars […]

Ulsterman Update: 21 Dec 2011

The folks at Patriot Action Network have linked to some new Ulsterman posts. Are they true? Are they false? Who knows? Only time will tell. But they sure as hell are very entertaining. WHITE HOUSE INSIDER ON OBAMA: I’d Kick His Ass Into The F-cking Dirt… Ulsterman: That’s all rather mysterious – a bit dramatic […]

I Have Found A Candidate

As many of you know I have been attracted to the Gary Johnson for President Campaign. Unfortunately he has dropped out of the race (supposedly it will be official on the 28th). Which is why I look forward to voting for him. Confused? I have an explanation. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson told supporters […]

Master in food fighting arts

Blogging is slow right now because of the Christmas rush. However, a friend sent me a link to a bizarre story about a teacher accused of assaulting a McDonald’s manager with food. The headline is Hash Browns Rage! Teacher Arrested For Pelting McDonald’s Worker With Food At Drive-Thru Window Teachers didn’t act that way when […]

2 out of 3, “we” win!

Newt Gingrich thinks that when the country’s founders set up three branches of government, what they intended to create was a sort of a super triumvirate, under which whatever 2 out of 3 of the branches wanted would end the inquiry. Thus, if the Supreme Court were to stand in the way of the President […]

The Moral High Ground

Dean Becker of The Drug Truth Network had this to say about the the Drug War anti-Prohibitionists (Reformers). Reform owns the moral high ground, the fiscal forum, the intellectual arena and the rational rodeo.

Endless conversation (cont’d)

Steve Chapman’s take on criminalization of gay sex is similar to mine. Like me, Chapman finds it amazing that the barbaric practices in certain countries actually have conservative defenders: It may be hard to believe, but some 76 countries outlaw gay sexual relations. At least five — Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen — […]

The magically ineradicable nature of the inextricably evil 1%

An exceptionally scary link from Glenn Reynolds made me realize what a cruel, vicious, and oppressive society America is. Half of Americans live below the median income level! Got that? This is a crisis, folks, and it is not likely to go away anytime soon. And as Glenn points out, even our sainted president probably […]

“The villainy you teach me I will execute, and it shall go hard, but I will better the instruction.”

Via Ann Althouse, I found a touching story about a new program to rehabilitate youthful offenders by having them perform Shakespeare. This, it is urged, would increase their low self esteem: The program would train court-referred teenagers to mount an abbreviated Shakespeare play after a six week session, under supervision of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee theater […]

Who will protect us from Malwarian invasions?

Anyone who runs Windows or who spends time online knows what a constant annoyance viruses, malware, adware, spyware, Trojans, unwanted self-installing “bars,” and all that other crap can be. I like to think that I am at least fairly conscientious about protecting my computer. After considerable research, I switched from Trend Micro (which missed a […]

Who is subsidizing a black market in poison?

Reading about the methanol-related deaths of at least 143 /people in India, my first reaction was to wonder “why in the world would anyone buy such poison?” The answer is that they cannot afford the good stuff sold in government-run liquor stores. So, callused criminal entrepreneurs brew up poisonous rotgut, which contains methanol. The predictable […]

The Climate Police Are Out In Force

From The Air Vent. It seems that the world governments are escalating cliamtegate to the next level. Tallbloke a fellow recipient blog of the climategate emails, and linked on the right, was raided today in what seems to be a coordinated effort by Metropolitan Police, the Norfolk Constabulary and the Computer Crime division and the […]

Impurities are contaminating the purity of our recyclables, and the trashiness of our trash!

I got quite a kick out of this story about the DC resident who was fined thousands of dollars for not recycling contaminated recyclables: Dupont Circle resident Patricia White says she has been fined eight times for throwing homemade cat litter in her trash. The fines total $2,000. White says she shreds old newspaper and […]

Enjoy the pain!

Thanks to the latest twist in the endless War on Drugs, new laws are ensuring that patients in chronic pain will be denied pain killers. So they are left to writhe in pain, because doctors are afraid to help. Charles Passantino stared at his doctor in disbelief. A 64-year-old patient with a crippling liver disease, Passantino […]

If you’re a suffering introvert, take drugs!

Good news for all you oppressed introverts. According to a study Glenn linked, there may be a drug to make you extraverted: Montreal — First dates, job interviews or Christmas cocktail parties can be stressors for some people. Such social rites of passage have no doubt made shy or introverted individuals wish for a magic […]

“without public discussion or the approval of Congress”

While I wish we didn’t have to rely on the British press to give us our news, so often it seems that they are the only source for news that ought to be national. As to why the American news outlets shy away from stories like the one about the Predator drone used to spy […]

When Did Town Hall Go Libertarian?

I got a link to the below video from a Town Hall e-mail which referred me to this Ron Paul page. Well maybe they didn’t go libertarian – just anti-Gingrich. BTW it would be interesting to see how Ron Paul’s net worth changed from his time in Congress. He had to pay Town Hall something […]

Adolescence delayed beats adolescence denied

When I read this very thoughtful book review — “Women on Top, Men at the Bottom” — I once again found myself contemplating Kay Hymowitz’s criticism of men who seemingly remain boys. Sit on a bench on the Thompson Hall lawn — the “green” at the University of New Hampshire — and watch the students walk […]

If only I could find a way to take more pride in my shame…

In an editorial at PJ Media, Roger L. Simon makes a good case for Newt Gingrich. While I do not take serious issue with anything he says, I have such a serious problem with Gingrich’s status as the nation’s leading Drug War advocate that I did something I don’t do often, and left a comment. […]