So says Charles Krauthammer.

All I can say is that I’m having a rough time defending them (this was especially the case over the holidays), and I am getting sick of it.

I wish I could just get the hold-my-nose-and-vote part over with.

MORE: OTOH, the latest Rasmussen poll shows Romney handily beating Obama.

Here’s the problem I have. If I talk with Republicans, they carry on about how they can’t stand Romney, and if I talk with Democrats, they carry on about how loony the anti-Romneys are. It gets tedious.

Hating the left more than the right is hardly a formula for political happiness.

AND MORE: The comments below remind me of the syphilitic camel conundrum. And while yes, I would vote for one, and defend him against Barack Obama, I would rather not have to.

I believe in the big tent approach, but right now, I think the GOP has a syphilitic camel problem.