My friend Karridine has some news from Thailand


Don’t misunderstand, the Thais as a nation do NOT celebrate Thanksgiving Day, but as individuals they certainly are thankful and are showing gratitude for the several-hundred dollars in donations that came through this week. (BkkFloodHelp(at)

Keep it up, just a week or two more, and the water will have gone down enough that we’ll start a massive CLEANUP across the city. (And now the south of Thailand is getting hammered, but we can’t help directly there…)

Where does your generous donation go? Here:

Saturday afternoon, “many hands make light work” proved true, as many friends assisted in packing over 2600 bottles of water, 500 cans of sardines, 1,260 packages of instant noodles, tissue paper, mosquito repellant, candles, lighters and Tylenol packs resulting in 210 relief packages. The group that helped pack was made up of … friends … with many friends bringing their friends to the … center for the first time. The first impression they will have of the center will be one of service.

That’s a typical event, and although the specifics change from day to day (we’re mostly Saturday & Sunday, ‘cuz we work weekdays) the reality is the same: ascertain what the flood-affected NEED, match it with our funds, get what we can, repackage it and get it out to them.

Repack? Why repack? Because giving ONE person 144 tubes of toothpaste is just wrong, Dude! “Here, O Hungry One! Chow down on toothpaste, the stuffing and gravy are coming… Real Soon Now…”

So thank you, Classical Values, and keep up the good work. We’re truly grateful, and pray you’ll enjoy a bountiful and joyous year.