There is a new form of malware going around which has installed a very annoying popup at the bottom of web browsers. It is called the “Meebo Bar,” and it is very difficult to remove.

Here’s what it looks like (shown sideways to display it thoroughly without messing up the formatting):

And if you click on the bar for information, here’s what it says:

What is this bar?

This social bar from the Monitor and our partners at Meebo enables easy sharing of your favorite Monitor stories and photo galleries via Facebook, Twitter, email, and more. It also gives you direct access to our social media platforms, subscription products, and other great Monitor content. And, with the ‘Connect via Meebo’ function, you can chat or share content via Instant Message.

Try it out. We hope you like it. We’ll be updating it regularly, so stay tuned.

Hiding the bar

You can hide and reveal the Meebo bar using the button at its right end. If the bar does not stay hidden, you may be blocking cookies from our site. For more information, see The Meebo bar.

I don’t want to “hide” the blasted thing, I want it GONE! It is intolerable to discover that an intrusive gadget I don’t want has been installed without my consent.

The people behind this malware virus are claiming to be a legitimate company, and under “support” (as if that’s what you call wanting to be rid of a damnable and detestable virus product you neither installed nor wanted) they offer “instructions” for its removal:

How do I uninstall the MiniBar?

In Firefox:

  • Go to Tools->Add-Ons.
  • Choose the Meebo extension (in the Extensions category), and click Remove.
  • Wrong! It is not listed among Add-Ons.

    These scum-sucking bastards are among the lowest form of life on the Internet.

    Any ideas on how to remove the blasted thing, I’m all ears.

    I wish I could sue them.

    MORE: I have tried the solutions offered here, but none of them work. Meebo is still there.

    The bastards really put some effort into making this monstrosity bulletproof.

    AND MORE: As entering the company’s dot com didn’t work, I finally tried adding the URL with an asterisk in the Ad Block Plus Options manager:


    That seems to have done it.


    I should add that the reason I thought this was worth a post is that I am spending waaay too much time clicking my way out of popups. Things have reached a point where I am almost fearful about clicking links. I don’t need the stress, the anger, the tendonitis. This Meebo thing proved especially vicious, and especially annoying; hence the post.

    In general, I would be willing to pay more to avoid advertising. That was once the idea behind cable TV. But things just didn’t work out, did they?

    AFTERTHOUGHT: My kvetching aside, I believe there is a First Amendment right to advertise. But is there a right to invade my space and my computer, make me exhaust and possibly injure my fingers and joints, waste endless time, and have my activity monitored when I don’t want that? (I am also sick of seeing ads for items I looked at once being flashed at me for days.) The problem is that there is no easy way to avoid popup-laden web sites if I want, because there is no way to know where they are.  No choice is available. The popup blockers are always a step behind the popups.

    Advertising is also slowing down the Internet — to the point where in many cases, it approaches the old dialup speeds.

    UPDATE: Many thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the “HORROR OF MEEBO” link. (The traffic overwhelmed the blog so much this morning that I was wondering whether the Meeboid minions were after me.)

    I appreciate the advice from commenters, and have already installed No Script, although that takes some work adjusting.

    A warm welcome to all, and please feel free to share any similar  experiences.