I got one of those annoying IM pop ups on my e-mail and for S&Gs I decided to engage (warp drive plus impulse engines). So I start chatting. Since I am not biting right away the female in question gave me a link to “her” site. Well she was looking good with not too many clothes on. Plus she promised to let me watch her squirt. I tired of it and signed off.

Today, same “girl” (according to her handle) but a different picture. However the conversation went exactly the same way as yesterday (when I started this little amusement). I suspect there is no girl. Just an AI program like Lisa designed to get men to sign up for the site. And in fact according to the Lisa site that may be exactly what is happening.

LISA, the future of advanced AI. A pretty bold statement I believe and one which – OK, “she” may not be the future of anything, but LISA is already promising to provide a leap forward in chatbot technology. And that’s what this site is all about, the chronicling of LISA from a few lines of code to realistic and “intelligent” speech.

So much for romance.

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