I’m a fan of Naked Lunch. Especially the movie Naked Lunch.

So imagine my surprise when I received a political fund raising e-mail that started off:

Do you want to see Barack Obama and Lady Gaga win this week’s political battle? I know I sure don’t.

As you know tomorrow is the 3rd Quarter FEC deadline for receiving contributions. That’s why we here at The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama are in the middle of a huge fundraising drive – and we need your help!

You see, our political opponents are doing the same. This week, Lady Gaga – the controversial radical Leftist singer joined Barack Obama for a fundraiser held at the residence of the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook.

So I went looking for a Lady Gaga video and found the above video which I rather enjoy. I also sent the fundraisers this little note:

Rock and Roll Music is corrupting our youth. Have you seen how Elvis swivels his hips?

Seriously? Is this the best you have got?

I’m getting so tired of moral panic politics. Get. A. Grip. — — Uh. Oh. That is probably corrupting our youth too. And causing blindness besides.