In A Dagger Pointed At The Heart Of The Church, I decried the lack of Church involvement in ending the Drug War. I said (in a round about way):

People in chronic pain chronically take pain relievers

And that it was morally wrong to be punishing such people for the illegal use of pain relievers.

I asked at the article (and a previous one) “where are links showing church opposition to the Drug War?” So far no one attacking my position has posted even one link. There must be some “church” organizations besides the Unitarians and Reform Jews who oppose the Drug War. Aren’t there?

You can leave links in the comments. If you have any.

One of the great moral questions of our time and as far as I can tell religion in America is mostly missing in action.

I did write about Pat Robertson coming out for pot legalization. Except he didn’t quite go that far. He just thought the the punishment for the crime was excessive. Evidently it caused such a firestorm among his viewers that he has backed off some. The Truth? Well you can’t tell it if it interferes with the cash flow.

As Eric repeatedly points out:

They can’t legalize it because there is too much money in it.

Evidently the churches are getting their cut – in a round about way. And the parishioners are getting the message they pay for. God help them all. God help us all. Because when the War ends there will be Hell to pay. We have run up a rather large Bill with the Devil. And the Devil always gets his Due.

Update: I hardly had this posted before a commenter popped up with the reason the churches are silent on the matter.

dude give unto ceasar? allan ackbar you’re embarrassing.

Well yes. I am embarrassing. The Church in America. But I did reply to the commenter:

Ah. Well then. Caesar was perfectly right to nail that guy up to the cross. Because no matter how immoral Caesar you have to give him what he wants.

There was a time (1937 to 1945) when Caesar wanted the Jews. Deliver them up? OK. It is still a huge moral stain on the local church. And Martin Luther didn’t come out looking too good either.

The Drug War will be another one.

BTW I take it you don’t have any links either. Thank you for proving my point.

May I add? “Dude. It is pointless to try to defend the moral failings of the church. Better to put your efforts into fixing them.”