One of the problems with spouting hyperbole all the time and calling everything a crisis is that if whatever it is that’s being complained about and hyperbolized actually comes to pass, why would anyone suddenly start listening to the same old, same old broken record hyperbole? It’s a classic boy who cried wolf situation.

And so right now the same people who screamed for eight years about a man said to be a moronic Nazi are exhausting themselves by screaming about another man said to be even worse than the moronic Nazi.

The epidemic of lefty angst isn’t just a matter of specific Perry policies though; it goes to the heart of the liberal worldview. His smashing debut on the presidential stage suggests that the victory of an urban liberal Democrat, Barack Obama, wasn’t a step toward a more progressive nation, but just a leftward swing of an increasingly wild pendulum, now poised to rocket to the right.

“His entry in the race is a signal and a wake-up call,” the Rev. Al Sharpton told POLITICO.

Perry, Sharpton said, “is looking to go to the O.K. Corral and start shooting. … Rather than the left get caught sleeping, we better load up, because he is bringing it.”

For Democrats, the pre-Perry GOP primary process was hardly for the faint of heart, as the other candidates have jockeyed to show who dislikes Obama the most. But even as the primary is fought on conservative turf, liberal leaders say they and their constituents see Perry as far worse than your average, hated Republican, and indeed as bad — if not worse — than his hated predecessor in Austin, George W. Bush. And progressives who might have had a hard time getting worked up about Mitt Romney find themselves struggling for superlatives with which to express their fear of a President Perry.


Like I say, the more these idiots scream, the less anyone will listen.

Ironically, they’re probably helping Rick Perry in the process.

If anyone can tell me how it is possible to exceed being a moronic Nazi in terms of stupidity and evil, I’m all ears. (Moronic-moronic Nazi-Nazi, perhaps?)