I have mixed feelings about Rick Perry. I like his economic philosophy, as well as his past strong statements of support for limited government, especially the Tenth Amendment. But I’ve been concerned about his positions on social issues, and I have been unable to get past my sour initial take — which is that I can hold my nose and vote for him over Obama, but no more.

For different reasons, Steven Bainbridge was also unenthusiastic about Perry, but he recently had a “maybe it’s time to reconsider” moment, and Glenn Reynolds quoted him:

If the trial lawyers hate Rick Perry, maybe I should reconsider him.

Well, earlier I read something (apparently from a credentialed conservative) that made me feel like reconsidering him too.

…no nation on the earth has promoted sodomy worldwide more than America has. Sodomy is top priority in US politics. No crisis has kept America from being committed to her filthy calling — a calling that would have distressed the Pilgrims. If they had foreseen America in the future, they might just have changed their minds and returned to England.

Obama is not a president who “changed” America. Wholeheartedly committed to the unborn-killing and sodomy values he has kept America right on her NSSM 200 tracks.

America has invested billions in spreading the contagion of abortion and sodomy — her own society and the whole world. No crisis, financial or otherwise, diverts her from her filthy calling.

For those agreeing with the Pilgrims, America needs a president as strong in righteousness as Obama is strong in wickedness.

In my view, Rick Perry is unable to fulfill this role. He has supported Al Gore in the past. He signed into law an anti-“homophobia” bill in Texas. And he has decreed compulsory Gardasil vaccination for girls in schools. Gardasil is intended to fight HPV, a condition common in sexually promiscuous people. So Perry has treated all Texan girls as potentially promiscuous, giving their parents no choice to avoid this tyrannical decision made under the pretext of health. This attitude was worthy of a liberal Democrat.

I didn’t know any of this, honest!

So maybe it’s time for me to think long and hard, and reconsider.

And if I really think about it, there might actually more important issues facing the country than positions on sodomy.  Or even positions on trial lawyers (if that doesn’t sound too filthy).

MORE: I thought I had linked the Freeper post, but it seems the link didn’t make it through, so I had to add it above. Wouldn’t want to have readers think I’m idly shooting off my mouth when I talk about credentials….