I realize Hurricane Irene has subsided, but I liked this headline so much that I wanted to share it:

Right Wing Tries New Tactic To Soften Bush’s Katrina Debacle: Say Obama’s Leadership On Irene Is Just For Show

Yes, the “right wing” is still wringing its collective hands over Bush’s handling of Katrina, and any criticism of Obama now is obviously Katrina-driven, and meant to “soften” the crimes of Bush.

“We” feel very guilty that Katrina was a great big hurricane and how Bush couldn’t stop it, and seeing the way President Obama waved his magic wand and made Irene fizzle out just drives us crazy.

Hurricanes, of course, wither away in the face of strong leadership.

Actually, I still have vivid memories of Bush’s Katrina debacle. I remember the dead bodies in freezers, alligators feasting on people, and damning evidence of Bush’s genocide — including thousands of secret executions.

Nothing I might say could ever soften these and other Katrina “truths.”