Sometimes, very rarely, we mere mortals get to be at the outer periphery of contact with someone whom we know will be mentioned in the history books about this time, and whose influence and transformative presence will only grow.

Nine or so years ago, I started reading Instapundit in the morning.  It seems like yesterday.  I still subscribed to newspapers.  I read a lot of other blogs.  But little by little Glenn’s idiosyncratic views and interests started shifting my window on the greater world outside my office and the current novel.

Soon, after being infected by my shameless forwarding of links, my friends started asking me things like “Have you seen what insty said this morning?”  Or maybe tell me, “Insty doesn’t like this or that.”  Or, sometimes, because I live on Mountain time and they get up way before me, I’d get into the office to find several aims waiting for me that said things like “Check Instapundit, now.”

The day I woke up and found my name mentioned at the top I almost spit coffee all over the monitor in surprise.  It was also the beginning of my long-delayed political coming out.   I don’t think anyone else could have dragged me out of the deep, dark closet I’d hid myself in.

Being interviewed by Glenn was a great honor.  And, of course, he’s been a very good friend to Classical Values over the years.

So, for all that and for a lot more I just want to say, thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to da blogfather — and hope he keeps his work for many, many years.  (which is totally self serving because then we get to enjoy his work!) 

From all of us at CV, in recognition for the work he does, a little serenade:

And, because he seems to like them (de gustibus non est disputandum) a boobie flash!  … er … or at least half of one.