Many of you know of my disdain for Christian “outreach” due to a long ago set of incidents when I was attending public schools. Well that was a long time ago and does not explain why that attitude of mine has not been more severely attenuated. So bear with me. I’m going to tell a story.

Suppose we found out that the Drug War is really a War On People In Pain. The evidence is pretty good and the medical profession mostly operates on that assumption these days (drug taking is self medication). But just to get that part out of the way let us assume it is true.

At this point the general population is mostly ignorant of the above facts. That can not last indefinitely. What happens to all the churches (Catholics I’m looking at your Pope on this one) and “Christian” supporters of the policy? Well making war on the sick and infirm violates the Love and Compassion tenets of the Christian Religion. Very fundamental stuff. How will you ever live that down? When asked for God’s mercy you beat his children with a stick.

Well you know how it will go down. Religion, already weakening in America, will be going down. Hard.

So take all my carping as a warning. A Jeremiad if you will.

Repent before it is too late.

Me? As much as I despise organized religion, at this point in time I don’t see a replacement on the horizon. Besides I’m sort of a conservative. I’d rather patch the broken parts of the current system rather than go off in a completely radical new direction. Which is what you usually get from massive institutional fail.

This change will have to be done enough ahead of the change in popular understanding so as not to be seen as a reaction to it but leading it. After all the Church is supposed to be a leader in morality. So we are told. What happens when it is seen as a follower? Sauve qui peut.

I see practically no chance of my proposed change happening. Pity. Maybe Facebook will take up the slack.