There is an interesting discussion going on at my recent article Social Movement. Commenter Russ was saying that Christians might favor prohibition because they “see what drugs do”. Really what they see is what prohibition does. But never mind. Let us take a look at “what drugs do”. This is for you Russ:

OK Russ. I see you need an education:

People in chronic pain chronically take pain relievers.

It is amazing what people will do to get relief from pain.

So “what drugs do” is provide pain relief. Why exactly isn’t the Christian community up in arms about government restrictions on pain relief? I was under the impression that compassion was the hall mark of Christianity. At least according to the commenters at Hoft’s (the article referenced in the original post).

Only “authorized” pain counts. If you have severe PTSD we put you at the mercy of the gypsy drug store. Because PTSD is not “real” pain.

So if drugs are a problem why not go after the root cause? The pain that causes drug taking for relief?

I see two choices here. Either the Christian community is ignorant or they like punishing Jews (uh, I mean dopers). Neither one is something to be proud of.

BTW how come Christians don’t balance the coin by looking at all the damage Prohibition does? We even have an earlier example to study. They make a fundamental mistake. They assume their wrath is God’s wrath. Which is a rather large presumption. IMO. Because, you know, it often doesn’t work out that way. The pogrom against alcohol users (more commonly referred to as drunks) is a shining example.

And then we have the “bad example” problem. If government can regulate your drug taking habits to prevent you from inflicting harm on yourself what is to prevent nanny staters from using that as a template to prevent you from harming yourself in other ways? Like controlling the food you eat. Nothing.

You can’t give the government nanometer or they will soon control your life. You will of course have choice. Permitted choice. “Chose one from column A comrade. Or if you prefer you can choose from column A.”

And since this is a Tea Party place let me ask: “where in the Constitution is Federal Drug Prohibition a Federal Government power?” A big clue is that we needed an amendment for alcohol prohibition. So where is the Drug Prohibition Amendment? MIA. i.e. Federal Drug Prohibition is a usurped power. Not much complaint about that on the right. Ah. Well. You will get the government you deserve and the criminal parasites the government chooses to support. Enjoy.