Apologists for murder — especially mass murder — annoy the hell out of me. Unfortunately (and unbelievably), a couple of recent commenters have been apologizing for the evil actions of Anders Breivik.

I do not delete such comments; as long as I pay my monthly bandwidth charges, they remain forever.

Anyway, a commenter calling himself “Leon Haller” said this earlier:

There is nothing wrong with executing those race traitors who have imposed first, coercive racial integration, and second, mass nonwhite immigration, on white nations. We did not vote for this. We did not want these invasions. When CA/USA voters tried to end welfare benefits for illegal aliens in 1994, a Pakistani federal judge simply nullified their votes. That is tyranny, raw.

There is a concerted, intentional effort to extirpate Western civilization and the white race which alone created it. Murdering a bunch of young whites, even if leftists, was evil and tactically stupid. Outside of actual, declared war, killing persons for their opinions cannot be morally justified. And Breivik was hardly a model Occidental nationalist – though he was also extremely intelligent, as far as I can tell.

But someday, the white West may well rise up in righteous rebellion against those who have dispossessed us and tried to destroy us. If we are victorious, there will be widespread de-marxification, much of it violent and impromptu, exactly as was the case wrt de-nazification following WW2. As I have long advocated, it is useful for Occidental patriots to begin compiling lists of race traitors (“cultural marxists”) for future punishment.

I replied, but I am now wondering whether the comment was on the level. True, there is a “Leon Haller” who leaves racist comments all over the Internet, but how would anyone know who or what he is?

It seems likely that the “Leon Haller” who left the comment here is the same as the “Leon Haller” who left these comments:




According to a commenter at the last site, he also blogs here:


Then there’s this more recent comment about Breivik:

Posted by Leon Haller on July 23, 2011, 10:08 PM | #

Whatever this guy’s real motives, we should be clear about one thing: the white race will not endure except through purifying violence. The drive to globalist homogenization is too strong. At some point, white racial and national patriots will have to pick up weapons and kill some number of our ideological and ethnonational enemies.

The only alternative is to see authoritarian parties of the Right gain power, which will never happen in too far gone America, and apparently is unlikely even in not-too-far-gone Europe. Even in that happy eventuality, someone, even if only a policeman or soldier, is still going to have to shoot a nonwhite violently refusing to leave the white nation.

Enoch Powell (a good Christian and conservative, incidentally) foresaw much blood, and he will be proven correct. One useful nationalist theoretical task is to formulate the moral justifications for the coming bloodshed.

the white race will not endure except through purifying violence?

Give me a break. In all the years I have been blogging, I have rarely seen such unmitigated trash. Sure, I believe in free speech, but that also means I am just as free to criticize speech as whoever I think is spouting pure idiocy.

Anyway (as I just said to a friend in an email), I thought I should say something lest this “Leon Haller” turns out to be some troll who’s into saying things specifically to make trouble.

I’m saving the IP numbers, of course…