PJM founder Roger L. Simon has weighed in on CPAC’s decision to kick out gay conservatives, and Andrew Breitbart’s decision to support them:

…I had to speak out personally in immediate support of my friend Andrew Breitbart regarding GOProud. I too will not be attending CPAC next year unless the ban of this organization is lifted. Frankly I am appalled by the decision of CPAC’s new management and I hope they will rescind as soon as possible. If they don’t, I won’t be there. I urge others to deliver the same message.

I can’t very well threaten to boycott CPAC, as I have never been to CPAC. But why would they want to promote the idea that conservatism means opposition to homosexuality? If “conservatism” means forcing people to take political positions based on what they do with their genitalia (judging them by the content of their orgasms instead of the content of their character), how is that different from the identity politics it claims to oppose?

What I like about gay conservatives is that they don’t fit the stereotype of either.

Where is it engraved in granite that if you are gay you have to be a socialist?

Similarly, where is it engraved in granite that if you are opposed to socialism, you have to oppose homosexuality?