I’m having a discussion over at Zero Hedge with Crockett. We are looking at Ron Paul’s idea of Foreign Policy. Needless to say – I’m not a fan.

Way ahead of you Crockett, my man. I already make my world conform to my desires. And I’m not unhappy with the results. International politics is a mugs game. Those who can play it well are thugs. Reality. You don’t like it? Well the answer is to fix human nature. You up for it?
People are what they are. No amount of libertarian philosophy will change that. What do people really want? Liberty? Doubtful. The question on every man’s tongue is a very old one “ubi est?” So I work for a little liberty at the margins. Ending the drug war is within reach. So I reach for that.
I used to have grand dreams for a country premised on Liberty. Now I’m willing to settle for movement at the margins. i.e. something that can actually be done.
My ideal foreign policy establishment:
A State Department run by Warmongers who are willing to settle for peace. And a War Department run by Peacemakers who are the most vicious warriors on the planet. The Marines get it. “No better friend, no worse enemy.”
Ron Paul is a Peacemonger. They are most dangerous because they usually deliver the opposite of what they claim their aim is. This is my view:
Peace through superior fire power and the willingness to use it.
To be loved is a good thing. For the rest fear should suffice.
Of course domestic policy is different and there Paul shines. What he is unable to do is to reconcile the two systems. He wants the world to be a logical place. It isn’t. Proof? There are Frenchmen.

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