In keeping with the theme that the Japanese running the reactor rescue are lying, I bring you this bit of news:

Making things much worse is that, apparently for the first time, TEPCO has ordered tests for highly toxic and extremely lethal plutonium on the site:

If they have been testing for other contamination they already have some plutonium numbers. You can pick it up rather easily with a standard GCMS test. What they are actually announcing is the release of the plutonium numbers.
My guess is that they are worried. Very worried. Here is a comment from the above site that gives reasons why they might be worried.

by Confuchius on Sun, 03/27/2011 – 13:06
Two days ago we watched a video of a meeting last week with the most senior Russian scientist who also advised on the sarcophagus construction at Chernobyl. He was in Japan at the request of the government for advice on their problems. He said that after giving them his best advice, they totally ignored all of it and were merely seeking to save face.
He said that he told them to immediately evacuate everyone in a 100 km diameter circle around Fukushima. He also measured the radiation in the soil 60 km from Fukushima and found it was twice as bad as the same measurements taken at the same distance from Chernobyl in 1986. He also said there would be no food grown there again. Ever. Not only that, but the irradiation of the ground water would affect Tokyo itself. He said that there is no safe water in Tokyo at present, nor will there ever be again. Evidently the bureaucrats have given no thought to the evacuation of Tokyo (30 million residents). His most telling comment was that the problems at Fukushima have not even started yet. It will get worsr & worse until they put it all in a proper containment structure, which will take years.
And the best of British Luck to all the world’s incompetent bureaucrats. (Which is ALL of them)

Of course I can’t verify any of that. But it does fit in with my prejudices on how I expect things to unfold from here.
If Tokyo becomes a ghost town nuclear power will be dead for 50 to 100 years. And Japan may be beyond its last legs already.
OH. Yeah. just for your amusement. The focus of the above linked article is VERY HIGH measured radiation levels. Which are “officially” being discounted as anomalous. Of course they are. Until tomorrow’s discounted reported levels.
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