My friend Frank in a comment at Worst Case Scenario, reminded me of something I had been saying implicitly and not explicitly when it comes to the nuclear accident at Fukushima.

…the fact that ever changing events are driving the clean-up effort not allowing any kind of containment plan to emerge as of now, this and Murphy’s Law don’t paint a pretty picture going forward.

I told Frank, “…thanks for noting that Murphy is our silent partner in this venture.”
Well friends and neighbors, Murphy has struck.

NHK tv notes that a giant crane fell over and probably crushed spent fuel rods at in Fukushima reactor number 3, which contain a plutonium-uranium mix.

And of course Murphy will strike again.
What I’m seeing generally in places I frequent on the ‘net is, “so far not so bad”, which is true.
What I’m looking at personally is, “what direction are things going?” And from that point of view along with fairly good knowledge of the technology I’m not optimistic.
I’m a big fan of worst case scenarios. They help you make the best plan. In my estimation the Japanese have been operating with a “best case” bias. Putting them continuously behind the curve.
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