Finally, some good news!

At least, a rumor of good news, which is the next best thing.

It appears that my favorite beer — Yuenglingmight just be inching closer to Michigan. Of all the things I miss about Pennsylvania, Yuengling is at the top of the list. For reasons that are not entirely clear, while the company’s marketing turf has been expanded north and south, something has long stopped the product from being distributed west of the PA border. I realize that getting the beer into Michigan might be asking too much, but I would settle for Ohio, because Toledo is easy driving distance from Ann Arbor.

Yuengling is not only an American-owned company, but Yuengling is this country’s oldest beer — family owned and operated since 1829. (It is the now the “second second largest American-owned brewery after the Boston Beer Company, makers of Sam Adams beer.”)

Budweiser and Miller like to pose as American beers, but both companies are owned by foreign conglomerates. I find their beers almost as boring as their tedious advertising.

It’s nice to have domestic competition sneaking up on them.