While I probably should have been shocked by this news report from the front lines in the War on Foods and Drugs, nothing shocks me anymore. 

Nor should it surprise anyone that pushers are recruiting young children to sell their unhealthy products on streetcorners, without permits:

VILLA RICA, GA — It sounds like a bad Saturday Night Live skit –police cracking down on a Girl Scout cookie stand.

It happened Wednesday at a strip mall on Hwy 78 in Villa Rica when a police officer asked members of Troop 7984 if they had a peddler’s permit.

Troop Leader Kathy Crook was stunned.

“We were just told that we would have to pack up our cookie booth [and] we would need to go and get a peddlers permit,” Crook said. “The customers that were there had to just be turned away.”

Crook was more disturbed at the reaction of the younger Daisies in the group.

“They were very upset that we were in real trouble and that we were all going to be taken to jail,” Crook said.

Both Villa Rica Police Chief Michael Mansour and Mayor J. Allen Collins said they have spoken with the officer who dealt with the Girl Scouts, and they believe he did nothing wrong.

Of course the police did nothing wrong! It’s typical for racketeers and other operators of criminal enterprises to enlist young children in their constant search for loopholes. But fortunately, the law is the law. And now the White House has declared war on fattening foods (which Girl Scout Cookies are!), it is high time for all patriotic citizens to remember that traitors in the Food War can be of any age, and anywhere.

Even in uniform!

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