The end is nigh. Would that be front or rear? reported that some strip clubs surrounding Cowboys stadium are looking for an additional 10,000 girls to entertain the overwhelming crowds expected during the Packers-Steelers matchup.
According to the website, Arlington city officials are expecting 300,000 visitors over Super Bowl weekend.
John Walsh, the manager of one local strip club, told the website he’s looking for another 100-120 dancers that week.

Looks like a job opportunity for those who can meet the qualifications. Time to brush up your pole dancing. Shakespeare will not be in high demand.
There are educational materials:
The Art of Exotic Dancing: Striptease Series – Pole Dancing (exotic dancing)
Art of Exotic Dancing: Ultimate Striptease 3 DVD Set (lapdancing, pole dancing, dance moves)
Dr. Amy’s Pole Workout! Volume One For Beginner to Intermediate Pole Dancers!
And even if you decide not to entertain in Dallas there is still your SO. Who will be eternally grateful. For a while.
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