1979 all over again?

That’s what Michael Ledeen is saying is true in a number of ways. One is that as was the case with the Shah, Mubarak is being sent mixed messages: …Mubarak has to know exactly what we want.  Do we know what we want?  My impression is that we are confused, just as in 1979.  Obama’s […]

Hate Is The Object

In my post Hating The Andromeda Galaxy I looked at the necessity of hate in politics. I discuss some of the repercussions of that in Strange Connection. Today I came across a site discussing those very issues from a biological perspective. The Market for Sanctimony. Two unspoken questions that religions and quasi-religions, in practice, have […]

A river WHERE?

I’m back from the Michigan Republican Party State Convention in Grand Rapids, which was nowhere near as raucous as the one in Lansing in August. The strength of the Tea Party is undeniable — so much so that the candidates were clearly competing for Tea Party support. I wish I had been quicker with my […]

The Muslim Brotherhood Liked Me

With the Muslim Brotherhood so much in the news because of Egyptian happenings and Instapundit’s reprise of a 2005 Michael Totten piece I thought I would repeat a blog conversation we had in 2007. ===== I got a link from The Muslim Brotherhood. I asked Michael Totten if this was a good or a bad […]

Strange Connection

The more reason, the more food. The dogma ate my lunch. Cross Posted at Power and Control

Egyptian Roundup 29 Jan

Al Jazeera streaming Internet coverage. Love the Brit accents of its reporters. Al Jazeera’s Egypt coverage embarrasses U.S. cable news channels America-hating Jihadists in the Muslim Brotherhood well-positioned to take over after Mubarak toppled Michael Totten: Egypt On Fire Belmont Club Text Like An Egyptian Telegraph UK – Egyptian News Roundup New York Times – […]

Stripper Shortage In Texas

The end is nigh. Would that be front or rear? TMZ.com reported that some strip clubs surrounding Cowboys stadium are looking for an additional 10,000 girls to entertain the overwhelming crowds expected during the Packers-Steelers matchup. According to the website, Arlington city officials are expecting 300,000 visitors over Super Bowl weekend. John Walsh, the manager […]


I’m going to be away in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the next couple of days, so my blogging will be light to nonexistent. And alas! Snow is forecast for today and tomorrow across the entire state! (That’s because of that Global Warming Killer Freezing thing, of course…. Freeze till you boil!) Fortunately, there has been […]

Al Jazeera Live

Al Jazeera Live streaming video and audio of happenings in Egypt. English.

Getting Ready For The Revolution

Or War, or Anarchy, or Natural Disaster. Instapundit is looking at the question and the idea (necessity really) of amateur radio comes up. Now two way communication is excellent. But just being able to listen is good too. I like this radio: It covers from 150 KHz to 29.999 MHz in 1 KHz steps (with […]

Hating The Andromeda Galaxy

I’m discussing (well a monologue so far) the nature of politics at Libertarians Are Not Anarchists!. Commenter Peter Jackson thinks he has figured it out. There are three types of politics: the politics of social justice, the politics of public order/social virtue, and the politics of individual freedom. But he misses something deeper. There is […]

Cuts and Bleeding

With a $1.5T deficit in the news and the GOP sweeping into power promising spending cuts, I’m seeing a return of the left’s hallowed 1990s standby: how dare we think of “balancing the budget on the back of the poor.” It would be nice if we could give everyone all the things they want or deserve […]


That would be: Winning The Future Note that at four minutes into the video she has some very good words to say about libertarians. Palin/Johnson 2012! And do you know what comes after WTF? Stagflation and WIN buttons. Whip Inflation Now. Cross Posted at Power and Control

Expensive Habit

Eric just did a post which lightly touched on a subject near and dear to my heart. So I’m crossposting this to add my 2¢. ==== I was discussing the Drug War with a Conservative friend. And the friend was all for it. So I had some thoughts. Ah. I get it. You do not […]

Why the have-nots covet the haves

Dr. Helen reviews a book which explores a vexing social problem of long fascination to me, and what I appreciate the most is the author’s contribution of a new word to describe the phenomenon: “UNDERDOGMA.” I am reading a new book by Michael Prell called Underdogma: How America’s Enemies Use Our Love for the Underdog […]

This Article Does Not Exist

* A guest post by Robert Anson Hoyt aka #1 son — who has suspected he’s an elephant since he was about two, in the same way I’ve often suspected I’m a cat. So excuse the pachiderm-o-centric imagery. He is what he is. 🙂 And, oh, yeah, he does overthink it. (Wipes furtive tear.) My […]

Pope Condoms

The story is from Catholic.net The search was for: moscow bombing – news entries.

Energy Is Wealth

The graph is from Wiki Media based on data from the International Energy Organization [pdf]. I think the graph maker intended that the KW measure be averaged over 24/7/365 which would make sense (which is to say multiply by 24*7*365 to get the KWh total). Leave it to an engineer. In any case that is […]

Making nanny statism perfectly clear

“When people are doing things that are detrimental to their own well being, then government should step in.” So proclaims New York State Senator Carl Kruger in response to concerns that his proposal to ban walking while talking on cell phones or listening to music players might be too nanny statist. (The article fails to […]

Punishment And Moral Disapproval

As some of you know who read me regularly I have a great deal of interest in the Drug War. In one of my early pieces on the subject Heroin, I came to the conclusion that addiction was a response to pain. i.e. people chronically take pain killers to deal with chronic pain. I have […]