I need to do a better job of keeping up with local news. Until today I did not realize that local activists are fighting for slower speed limits in Ann Arbor.

One of them is a public school teacher who makes a fascinating comparison between driving and ritual human sacrifice:

Jeff Gaynor, a teacher at Clague Middle School and a member of the Safe Routes to School Coalition, said he recently showed his students a video about the ancient Aztecs.

“The students were quite horrified by the idea of ritual sacrifice,” he said. “And when we look at our priorities in America, we sacrifice over 40,000 people a year to our god the automobile.”

Like I say, I should do a better job of keeping up with the news, for I can’t believe it took me until now to learn about the true nature of the awful carnage inflicted by our religious death machine. As an insensitive, desensitized older person, I should probably be grateful that the truth about our murderous and polluting car culture is finally being imparted to our children with my tax dollars. They need to know that not only are we destroying the planet, but what we do is morally no different at all from dragging people to the tops of pyramids, chopping out their beating hearts, and feasting on their corpses.

And by owning a car, I am imposing my wicked morality on my victims!

If I were my child, I should really hate me.

I should be glad I’m not.

Because if I were my dad I’d probably want my kid to build a model of the monster god.