Because of my last post Beat Whitey Night I have been hanging at some rather strange places. And then I came across Angry White Dude. Where I found this comment which refers to this murder.

August 26, 2010 at 7:05 am
Black Bart:
“”He didn’t bother a soul,” said neighbor Kathy Mathis. “He was really a nice man.”
Mathis was nearby when Greaves was killed around 3 p.m. Greaves had just finished cutting his grass when THE TWO YOUNG (14 & 17) blacks, Spellman and Combs approached him, police said. The teenagers brandished a gun and demanded money, then shot Greaves in the chest.
“From what we can tell, he didn’t move as quickly as they may have wanted him to,” Clark said. “They maybe took that as some type of resisting, or disrespect.”
Mathis heard gunfire and, seconds later, saw the teenagers running from the scene.
“They didn’t have to kill him,” Mathis said. “He’s 87 – they could punch him, knock him down. It’s just unbelievable that something like this could happen.”
“teenagers” = black murderers;
“punching and knocking down an 87 year old man” is fair play as long as the assailants are young blacks and the victim is and old white man.
The race war in America has already started. Years ago.
Deal with it.

And then I stumbled upon The Thug Report. Just in case you want to keep up with Thug America™, that is the place to go.
This all seems like so much stereotyping to me. But you know how it is. Hitler was a white guy. A German white guy. Thankfully I’m a Jew.