I shouldn’t be sitting here writing a blog post; I should be outside gardening or something. Besides, the latest research shows that sitting in a chair is hazardous to my health. Which means that by sitting in this “death chair” and writing this blog post, I am contributing not only to my own physical decline, I am directly contributing to the decline of the physical health of my readers who are almost certainly sitting in chairs while reading this post — something I either knew or should have known.
So, it is no exaggeration to say that I am a public health hazard!
Isn’t what I am doing at least as bad as “third-hand smoke“?
I thought a warning might be in order before I head outside to do some gardening.
Yet still, there’s something about this that bothers me. This creepy feeling of having been a nanny who warned readers that sitting there and reading blog posts is bad for their health — that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and it rubs my libertarian wool the wrong way. How can I correct the resultant imbalance of karma? I started out by feeling guilty, and now I feel guilty about feeling guilty!
What’s a blogger in my situation to do?
Hey, maybe I should plant tobacco!
It’s still legal, and there’s a booming interest in seeds. Plus, it’s a healthy outdoor activity, and I don’t have to smoke the stuff to enjoy the experience of growing it. As to what to do with it, I don’t know. Is it legal to give it away as a form of charity? (It is legal to grow or possess tobacco, and while they might not allow the tobacco companies to give it away, I don’t see why private citizens cannot give it away in a non-commercial manner.) Smokers are addicts who face an increasingly unaffordable habit (in New York, cigarettes are up to a whopping $11.00 a pack), so I think offering free tobacco to New York’s poor and working class people might be a very humane thing to do, lest they start committing crimes to fuel their habits. What? You think I’m kidding? A guy with a four pack a day habit would have to spend over $1200 $1300 per month — just to support his addiction.
So why shouldn’t I grow tobacco to give it away? You know, just to annoy the bureaucrats and irritate those who consider all libertarians inherently selfish.
But OTOH, would it be altruism?
(I should add that I wasn’t trying to be facetious with that last line — I only said it because many people think that altruism is deadly.)