I’ve got nothing to say today, but if there’s one thing I hate, it’s bloggers who write posts announcing that they have nothing to say, and then invite comments on the nothingness.
Of course, if the goal is to solicit what M. Simon called “typical dim witted semi-on-topic blog comments,” (and Donna, that does not mean you!) then maybe this is the perfect post to let the typical dim-witted comments flow.
In my defense, I should point out that I was on out-of-town business for the entire day yesterday and then I had another event in the evening, and then this morning I had to follow up on the out of town business. That means I lost my morning flow two days in a row, and I’m a regular person.
Geez. I hate the look of that last sentence. Looks like a description of urinary problems. But I guess it’s an improvement on nothing. And nothing is what this post is supposed to be about. So right there I am off topic, unable to stick to nothing, and my wits are getting dimmer.
Which means I am at least living up to the title of the post.
Donna Barber, BTW, has an interesting post about ophidiophobia — a fear I know exists but do not share. Quite the opposite; although I have discussed ophidiophobia as a quasi-political analogy.

Fear of sex is like fear of snakes; you either have it or you don’t. While those who are horrified by prostitution are not necessarily afraid of prostitutes in the normal sense of the word “fear,” the strong moral disapproval involved usually stems not from disagreement, but a feeling. In the case of prostitute haters (or disapprovers) and prostitute lovers (or approvers), there is a mutual inability to feel the disgust (or approval) that the other side feels.
In many ways, it is like snake haters versus snake lovers. Neither can explain their hatred or their love, and even if they can verbalize it, the feelings are not shared.

What would fear of nothing be called?
No, I don’t mean fearing nothing, I mean fearing nothing!
Fear of that vast infinite nothingness.
A person who fears nothing has a lot to fear. (I guess I better stop there or I’ll be waaaaay off topic, not just semi-on!)
MORE: Speaking of nothing in particular, in 1936 Salvador Dal&iacute painted The Chemist of Ampurdan in Search of Absolutely Nothing. Whether he found what he was searching for, I do not know.
Nothing will come of this.
MORE: Via Glenn Reynolds, I see that nothing might be everything, because “Every black hole may hold a hidden universe.”
And that’s Nothing to get upset about!