The topic of collusion is of longstanding interest here, as I am always fascinated by the way politics makes strange bedfellows, especially the way sworn political enemies can end up working towards the same goal.
This can take many forms; the following are only a few examples selected from some of my blog posts over the years:

  • Continued stigmatization of minorities for political ends by mutual agreement
  • Animal rights activists (who oppose domestication of animals) and plain old dog haters agree on unreasonable restrictions calculated to inhibit dog ownership
  • A coalition between the stupid and the evil, resulting (surprise!) in stupid and evil policies
  • Fundamentalists and atheists agree to redefine secularism — to the point where the word has lost its original meaning
  • the creation of an exclusively homosexual “identitarian” caste aided and abetted by anti-gay activists who wanted to preserve a cultural stigma working in collusion with organized activists reacting against them
  • Leftist egalitarianism combines with the conservative love of accountability and a mandatory bottom line so that gifted students are systematically ignored
  • Liberals and conservatives who unite in opposition to the Enlightenment — and reason
  • Environmentalists and big business working in collusion to create draconian new restrictions
  • the secret, unacknowledged love affair between fundamentalists and atheists
  • Those are just a few examples from over the years. M. Simon has also discussed this phenomenon, and in at least two posts he discussed the “Bootleggers and Baptists” phenomenon. The latter is a term coined by former FTC boss Bruce Yandle to explain what happens when a good cause collides with special interests. has a fascinating video in which Mr. Yandle explains the phenomenon and some of its modern manifestations, such as the way environmentalists and their supposed “enemies” in big business work together for draconian new regulations which make things worse for the rest of us, and he takes a whimsical look at opposition to legal marijuana by pot growers!
    Watch it and laugh. Or cry.

    What’s next? Criminals lobbying for gun control?
    (Oh, I guess I already wrote about that one….)
    MORE: My thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link (and for making what I thought was a grim title actually look funny)!
    A warm welcome to everyone (sinners and scolds included). Comments invited — agree or disagree.