Instapundit linked to the RS McCain blog which was discussing the resignation of Washington Post reporter David Weigel. I found this comment there of interest:

Danby June 25th, 2010 @ 5:41 pm
The deal here Stacy is that Weigel was NEVER A CONSERVATIVE. He’s not a member of set B. He’s a member of set F, the so-called cosmopolitan Libertarians. In other words he’s pro-drug, pro-abortion, pro-perversity, the kind of guy who writes for Reason. He is for a smaller government, but only because government interferes with absolute personal autonomy. Somehow, in the current political climate that puts him on the right.

I’m a member of the government can’t fix the drug problem, government can’t fix the abortion problem, and government can’t fix the perversity problem libertarian right (government can kill people and break things – which is useful in some very limited situations).
I have a lot of trouble with conservatives who believe government can fix much of anything. So to my conservative friends all I can say is:

Your faith in government is misplaced

Liberals believe government can fix things by money taken at the point of a gun. Conservatives skip the money part and go straight for the guns. (gross generalizations of course but this is a a blog post not a footnoted essay)
I dunno – haven’t conservatives ever heard of limited government?
Conservatives lost control of Congress when they painted themselves as the social control party. Liberals will be losing over being the economic control party. Do we wish to keep repeating that cycle?
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