While I think it’s an inconsistent argument, the Tea Partiers are often accused of being an “astroturf” front for Big Republicanism, while at the same time their handmade signs are scrutinized and ridiculed at every opportunity for spelling errors, politically insensitive gaffes, etc. Actually, I think the obvious sincerity and ingenuity of their homemade signs indicates a movement that is alive, and (hopefully) one that won’t easily be bought.
But I’ve carried on about their signs (especially my favorites) in previous posts. In light of the counter-demonstration in Ann Arbor, it seems only fair to recognize the talent of the other side too. You know, give the Devil his due?
And among the signs I saw in Ann Arbor on Thursday, I have to say that the winner is this one:
Here’s a closeup:
Whether you agree with the sentiments or not, it’s excellent. First rate work.
I’m not a sign professional, but I’m fairly tech savvy, and even so, I simply don’t have the wherewithal to come up with a sign that good. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to get a sign like that designed, nor would I know where to start. I do know that there’s no way on earth I could do that at home, nor could anyone else I know.
As to the clever theme (taking right wingers to task for what they allegedly failed to get mad at), it is hardly original. The title varies, and I’ve seen it as “Freepers, Birthers, Morons of all stripe” and “This is dedicated to all you self proclaimed conscientious patriots, We want to get this straight” and in other forms. The text has been floating around for so long that it obviously wasn’t originally designed specifically with “teabaggers” in mind, but the designer of the above sign obviously thinks it resonates against any and all people or groups to the right of center, as long as it has the right catchall title. “Birthers, Deathers, TEABAGGERS, and Angry People” is about as catchall as you can get, although I suspect it is not meant to include angry people on the left, or left wing Trig Palin Birthers, or left wing Deathers like Paul Krugman.
The only spelling error I could find is a very slight one – “Abu Ghraib” is spelled “Abu Grahib.” While the typo is inconsequential, it is also unoriginal, as the identical typo can be found 1920 times, and seems to date back to at least last August. The verbatim “Tea Bagger” version with “Abu Grahib” is also widely circulating, and can be found on the White House Facebook page, as well as CraigsList.
I find it surprising that in all of this time, no one caught a fairly obvious typo which has circulated extensively and is now appearing on professionally prepared signs. Where are the leftist hordes of Tea Party spellcheckers when you need them?
Parenthetically, they also seem to forget that there are a number of libertarians and Ron Paul types who would indignantly deny that they didn’t get made over any number of complaints listed in the sign. I kvetched about the Patriot Act for years, many conservatives and libertarians were furious and did in fact complain about the horrendous spending during the Bush years (Porkbusters, anyone?), and some of the social conservatives were very upset about Abu Ghraib (which they blamed on Howard Stern and the homos). But who cares about the merits when the goal is simply to stereotype all people on the right as thinking the same things?
Anyway, I shouldn’t digress from my point. Again, the truthfulness of the ideas on the sign are not so much the issue as the sign’s overall quality.
Hands down, I’d give it an A.
It is without question the most professional grassroots work I have ever seen.
MORE: In the comments below, Darleen Click points out that posters like the one above cost $43.50 each at printing shops. Yikes!
No wonder the Tea Partiers can’t afford professional signs.
They’re expensive!