too big to be accountable (and other lessons in corporate anarchy)

Along with countless people, my email account with Verizon has been down for two days now. I have spent a lot of time on the phone in India talking with people who have absolutely no ability to do anything except tell me that I am talking to the wrong people. My problem is that I […]

Bigoted, bombastic, and brutal buffoonery

I love buffoonery, and former ACORN boss Bertha “bowel movement” Lewis wins the prize for the most bombastic hyperbolic buffoonery imaginable: Any of these groups that says, “I’m young, I’m Democratic, and I’m a socialist,” is okay with me. You know that’s no light thing to do — to actually say, I’m a socialist. You’ve […]

Bye, Bi love

I’m not sure exactly what to do with this one, but I’ve had it staring me in the face, and I hate the feeling that if I don’t write about it I might be censoring myself. Or worse, censoring the censoring of the latest love that dare not speak its name — in the name […]

saving at-risk babies from underage parental abuse, with UGF!

And now for something I know will out-thrill all my thrilling blog posts; a update about my ongoing adventure in Jack Dempsey cichlid husbandry. (Or maybe that should be parentage? I’d hate to pollute the institution of marriage any further than it’s already been polluted!) Anyway, while I haven’t yet made a video of the […]

Dancing On the High Wire

I have no idea if anyone not a writer has an interest in this but many of you are readers, and perhaps it would be of interest to take a look at my road to publication. It is neither unusual nor unusually difficult. It would, however, have been a total shock to me when […]

A sarcastic rhetorical question from a South Park conservative

Were I to use the word “conservative” to describe myself, I would be more comfortable to modify it with another descriptor, and while “libertarian conservative” immediately comes to mind, this report renews my enthusiasm for the term (and the book) “South Park conservative.” A radical Islamic website is warning the creators of “South Park” that […]

Purchasing Magazine Closing

Purchasing Magazine is ceasing publication. Reed Elsevier, parent company of Purchasing, announced today that it is closing Purchasing and the magazine’s website,, as well as most of its other U.S. publications, effective immediately. The closing is part of a broad divestiture that itself is part of a restructuring of the London-based Reed Elsevier. The […]

Do you want women dressed as men teaching your kids?

I keep reading about the cross-dressing threat to our nation’s children, and I find myself wondering about the meaning of the term. I don’t think it’s inherently sexist language in the purely logical sense, but as applied, “cross dressing” almost exclusively means men dressing as women. Similarly, the word “transvestite” is almost never applied to […]

Lead us not into a communitarian climate of road rage

Back in 1995, Bill Clinton blamed conservative radio talk show hosts for the horrific act of terrorism committed by Timothy McVeigh. I will never forget how he singled out G. Gordon Liddy by name, and his argument back then was not much different than it is now. These people created a climate that led to […]

Can’t say anything anymore

Glenn Reynolds linked a very thoughtful post by Sean Kinsell, and the thoughtless comments Sean is getting do not endear me to the people making them. Anyway, I’m too tired to get into the details, but in a minor aside to a post, Sean attempted to explain why local Japanese might be uncomfortable about a […]

Guilt by association, without guilt or association

While I normally don’t like to write posts about something that is already under discussion in a previous post, I think I should make an exception in light of more recent comments to my post about a sloppily-reported story alleging that “STRAIGHT PRIDE” stickers and T-shirts were being sold by an “Official Tea Party Sponsor.” […]

It Is Not Happening Here

It looks like drug prohibition has given us a gift. The battle for Ciudad Juarez began about two years ago when the Sinaloa drug cartel, led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and based along Mexico’s Pacific coast, began trying to wrest control of the crucial drug smuggling corridor into the United States from the Juarez […]

Break out the cigars!

Well, the event that I anticipated in a previous post has occurred. My Jack Dempseys have had babies. Hundreds of them! (What this means is that inside their excavated Colosseum, they laid eggs and hatched them out, and the fry have just started to venture outside.) I was talking on the phone earlier when I […]

If followers are zombies, then arguments are futile, and democracy is a farce!

M. Simon’s post about the Obama Zombies book linked my earlier post on the general subject of zombiedom, and Simon offers a personal observation: …a lot of us tried to warn you but you were so caught up in hope and change that your eyes glazed over whenever we tried talking reason. Yeah, that is […]

Graphene Advances

Mass produced graphene Transistors just got a little closer with this laboratory advance in graphene film fabrication. “Before we can fully utilize the superior electronic properties of graphene in devices, we must first develop a method of forming uniform single-layer graphene films on nonconducting substrates on a large scale,” says Yuegang Zhang, a materials scientist […]

Zama Ombies

Eric mentioned Obama zombies in this post which brings up a post I did on a book about Obama zombies: == So I’m noodling across the net and came across a reference to this book: Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation So naturally I’m interested in the reviews. Here is one reviewer, […]

One unintentional conspiracy insinuation deserves another! (Part 2)

Bill Clinton’s recent remarks about Oklahoma City reminded me of a post I wrote almost two years ago, when Hillary gaffed ominously, “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.” At the time I opined that K. Lo was right when she said “There is something deeply wrong with the Clintons.” To […]

The ice is thinning! The volcanoes are coming!

Did you know that the volcano that exploded in Iceland was most likely because of global warming? I didn’t either, but an expert says it is “just the beginning“: Hooper [“an expert on Iceland’s volcanoes at Delft University in Holland”] warned that the eruption may be only a taste of the future if climate change […]

brainless and heartless thoughts

At the Ann Arbor Tea Party, I was delighted to see a very young-looking college age kid wearing an F.A. Hayek T-shirt, and I complimented him on it, saying that very few people his age had even heard of Hayek, much less knew enough about his philosophy to like him. At the time, I was […]

The winning entry in the category of grassroots professionalism!

While I think it’s an inconsistent argument, the Tea Partiers are often accused of being an “astroturf” front for Big Republicanism, while at the same time their handmade signs are scrutinized and ridiculed at every opportunity for spelling errors, politically insensitive gaffes, etc. Actually, I think the obvious sincerity and ingenuity of their homemade signs […]