Bill Clinton’s recent remarks about Oklahoma City reminded me of a post I wrote almost two years ago, when Hillary gaffed ominously,

“We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”

At the time I opined that K. Lo was right when she said “There is something deeply wrong with the Clintons.”
To be kind about it, their gaffes (at least I think they’re gaffes) keep coming!
I thought we were rid of them.
MORE: Glenn Reynolds has a good roundup of Oklahoma City anniversary links.
And not to be picky, but I’d still like to know whether the number of victims totaled 168 or 169. The unidentified stray leg has never been explained, and the Wiki entry mentions it. Why not just call it an “unknown victim,” raise the number of victims to 169, and be done with it?
MORE: Thanks Sean for the link!
Also, Sean has some vintage words of wisdom from Virginia Postrel:

Loud voices are not the same as violent deeds. Criticism is not the same as murder. Exposing government violence is not the same as blowing up buildings. It is grossly irresponsible to blur these distinctions. And those who rely on such smear tactics are in no position to lecture the rest of us about toning down rhetoric.