I have no idea if anyone not a writer has an interest in this http://madgeniusclub.blogspot.com/ but many of you are readers, and perhaps it would be of interest to take a look at my road to publication. It is neither unusual nor unusually difficult. It would, however, have been a total shock to me when I started out. It would have been an even greater shock to me when I was “just” a reader.
Writing is part obsession — possibly mental illness — and part vocation. A writing career is part persistence, part luck and part — I hope — craft and art. I blog on Wednesdays (after recent adjustments) and my mind — you’ll be shocked — often runs to strange things. My co-bloggers are usually saner, more reliable and always interesting.
Anyway, if anyone is interested, there is a peek behind the curtain of the few, the proud, the almost completely insane.