Does it seem strange to anyone else that after months and months of falling poll numbers mostly because of negative public reaction to Obamacare, Obama now wants a summit to focus more attention on… Obamacare? It’s like he wants his party out of power as quickly as possible. You’d almost think we elected someone with no experience governing.
I think this WH has started believing their own propaganda, which is always a dangerous situation. The public doesn’t oppose Obamacare because they’re ignorant or misinformed about how wonderful Obamacare will be. More education just drives the poll numbers down further, as we’ve watched happen all year. Obama seems to think everyone will love Marxist reasoning if they can just learn to be smart like him, but the truth is most of America is smarter than him because we’ve been in the private sector at some level and we know from experience it works better than government.
At this point the GOP should hope Obamacare passes — as all the unintended consequences pile up they could end up with 60+ Senate seats in their sights by 2012, and Obama so unpopular he doesn’t even run for re-election. Then maybe we can get some real health care reform that isn’t built around the notion government is the solution.