This morning I was treated to a marvelous new conspiracy theory, which is being promoted by Spain’s socialist government: “Spain Blames Economic Crisis on ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Conspiracy.”
I try to be thorough and fair-minded about these things, so I thought that the best place to start would be by taking a look at some actual Anglo-Saxons.
They look even scarier than I thought, and I have to say, there might be some truth to Prime Minister Zapatero’s theory.
Behold the dark forces of economic ruin!
And if you think the conspiracy is limited to the men, check out the famous “Armada Portrait” of Elizabeth I, which shows her proudly reveling in Anglo-Saxon triumphalism after her navy crushed Spain.
Does she look like a wicked woman or what?
The resulting fallout has been a conspiracy over the centuries which among other things takes the form of singing the praises of Anglo-Saxon exceptionalism.
As a child, I learned a little poem in order to memorize the incident:

Spain’s Armada, once so great, was sunk in 1588.

I was also taught that the Spanish Inquisition was bad — even though we now know the myth of the Inquisition was little more than another Anglo-Saxon conspiracy theory.
The evil Anglo-Saxons have been at it for a long time, and the current economic conspiracy is only the latest manifestation of a vast, centuries-old Anglo-Saxon conspiracy — more insidious and more ruinous than the Spanish prime minister realizes.
UPDATE: This post has been linked by the noted Spanish blogger, José Guardia, who says my post proves Zapatero is right!
Thanks José!