I dunno… have you considered flavonoids? I also hear good things about resveratrol. But don’t believe it my blennies.
Incidentally, i [sic] DO demand that you bend, but i [sic] do NOT expect you to obey. But buy [non-sic] god [sic] i [enough] DO expect you to try.
The rest Is up to
You not that you would know what
To do with it… yotch.
On American Haiku
It was well argued (by no less a luminary than uber faux-slacker Kerouac) that English haiku should ignore syllables and instead conform to 2-4-2 word count. His point was largely valid in two senses: first, syllables are much more structurally consistent vis-a-vis word count in the Japanese language; second, the Japanese language, both through the fact that its written form uses characters which have multiple meanings, and through the fact that its spoken form is notoriously given to homophones (spare me), is easily lent to double (and even(/especially) triple meanings); therefore, English haiku can never hope to contain the poetic density of a Japanese language haiku; thus, English haiku should strive to an entirely different objective: namely, the pithy, concise conveyance of simple double/triple/quadruple/[as many uples as you can muster in 6 words] meanings very very briefly, in three lines, without pointlessly being a slave to a syllabic structure which is an artifact of a highly syllabic language which, though owners of the form–thus justifiably a seeming ultimate arbiter of said form–are no more a despot of the art than any art is capable of having a despot.
Which is to say, none at all.
Cos out.
P.S. I made up the stuff about Kerouac.