It strikes me that unless a patron were intoxicated, clowning around, or pushed (or maybe having a seizure), it would be very unlikely to fall through a priceless painting hanging on a wall at an art museum as is being widely reported.
How do you do that?” asked one news commentator incredulously.
Beats me. Normal people who go to art museums do so with an attitude of respect.
I tried to learn more about the details of this story, but the woman is not identified. We are told that she was an NY Daily News version they went so far as to call her a “clutzy art lover,” and noted it happened on a Friday afternoon.

A clutzy art lover tripped onto a rare Picasso painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, tearing a hole in the century-old masterpiece, the museum said Sunday.
The unidentified woman was attending an adult education class Friday afternoon when she lost her balance and stumbled into “The Actor,” causing a 6-inch tear in the bottom of the canvas.

Sorry, but I cannot help wonder whether this unidentified woman really had a serious interest in art. I suspect Friday afternoon restlessness — by someone who didn’t especially appreciate the art, and who quite possibly didn’t want to be there at all.
This Althouse commenter asks:

Please tell me what good has ever come from so-called adult education?

What’s especially annoying about the reporting is not that the woman was never identified, but that there is no information about the nature of these particular adult education classes, who gave them, or what they were for.
Unless someone else was at fault, I think falling into an $80 million painting constitutes negligence. I think the Met should send the adult student a bill for the damage.