Via Glenn Reynolds, I just learned that the best diet might be to cut out carbohydrates and eat like a cougar.
But not long ago, I also read about about a book postulating that eating lots of carbs is the way to be thin.
Might that work for cougars? Has anyone tried caging them and feeding them an all carb diet?
Sometimes I think there are too many studies and too much information — and most of them are infected by the bias that accompanies Wanting To Be Right. Moreover, each of us has a different metabolism. But telling people to find what works for them is not helpful, as people want answers, and we all want to share what worked for each of us. Carried to extremes, this leads to the anti-salt evangelism we have been witnessing in New York.
I’m having trouble sorting it all out. BTW, I just learned that starvation dramatically raises cholesterol!
But starvation also is said to prolong life, right?
Interestingly, for years they have been making people fast before cholesterol testing. Now the latest research says that’s bunk.
I predict more studies contradicting the previous studies. Etc.