A wind and solar powered government? I kid you not.

WASHINGTON — The federal government, the nation’s largest energy consumer, will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 28% over the next decade, the White House will announce today.
“It’s a real opportunity to lead by example,” says Nancy Sutley, chairwoman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). “And not just for the environment but to spur innovation and create jobs and savings.”
The council says the reduction in energy use in the government’s 500,000 buildings and 600,000 vehicles will be equal to taking 17 million cars off the road for a year or not consuming 205 million barrels of oil.
Some states, cities and companies have set similar goals, but environmentalists say the federal government’s plan is ambitious. “It’s a bold target,” says Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council. “It’s a great deal for the American taxpayers … and a great example for the rest of the country.”

I’d like to see them get that up to 100%. Then the government could shut down in the winter when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. Not to mention freezing in the winter without natural gas for building heat. Or burning in summer when there are electrical shortages from a lack of electricity for air conditioning. I could see a real exodus from government service with conditions like that. Why didn’t the Republicans think of that?
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