I have just sent this out to a group of physicists and scientists to see if it has any merit.
Here is the cover letter I sent:

George Miley of U Illinois, Champaign is involved.
I am passing this on after a cursory review. It was published yesterday. Please give it 5 minutes before you give up. The speed of light bit in the beginning was off putting for me. But it gets explained better later. The equations at first glance are compelling. They are better covered in the second 5 minutes. I’m going to review it more carefully with multiple stops to get a better feel. This is rapid fire and not typical lecture speed.
I’m more at home with engineering but I am at least conversant with all the material presented. I have also introduced the video to Lubos Motl to see what he thinks.

It will be interesting if anything comes of it.
Here are some of the documents in the video:
Evidence of Cold Fusion?
Impulse Gravity Generator?
Gravitomagnetic Field of a Rotating Superconductor
and of a Rotating Superfluid [pdf]

Researchers now able to stop, restart light
The Control of the Natural Forces by Frank Znidarsic [pdf]
BBC News – Boeing tries to defy gravity
Quantum Chemistry – McQuarrie
Tapping the Zero Point Energy

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