Tom Donohue of the US Chamber of Commerce has a few things to say about the Obama Administration not offering them a seat at the table.

“I did an interview a couple of week ago, and somebody said, ‘Well, the White House says that you’ve become Dr. No and you are going to lose your seat at the table.’ And I said, ‘The White House doesn’t give out the seats at the table. The seats at the table go to the people who have a rational policy, who have strong people to advance that policy, that have a strong grass-roots system, that have the assets to support their program, and that are willing to play in the political process,” Mr. Donohue remarks, sitting in his office, which looks across Lafayette Park to the White House.

I note that Sarah Palin has no seat at any table and yet a word from her on Facebook moves political mountains.
Mr. Obama is losing his clout. And there is no worse debility for a Chicago politician than losing your clout.
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