Bill Whittle has a marvelous video that you should watch.
And what is Breitbart’s strategy for continuing the attack? In a word make ACORN sue him. Which it has done. What was O’Keefe and Gile’s response when a suit was first mooted? “Bring it on.”
Kathleen Parker suggests the next front in the war. SEIU. And in the process explains why the public option is so critical to Obama’s plan to neuter the American people.

Just last week, the Kansas City Star reported that two state agencies acting on an SEIU public records request sought to identify in-home health workers who care for the elderly and disabled. After complaints, the state acknowledged that it was under no legal obligation to provide the information and ceased helping the SEIU. Unionizing is not a state function, needless to say. And never mind the invasion of privacy.
One needn’t be a mathematician to imagine what a national health-care option might mean to a union in search of new dues-paying recruits. The SEIU, which has promised “to fight tooth and nail” for a public option, is demonstrably persuasive. In Illinois, former governor Blagojevich (thank you for your patience) helped position the SEIU so that it could unionize health-care workers when he signed an executive order allowing collective bargaining. The SEIU showed its appreciation in advance by becoming Blagojevich’s largest contributor, handing over $1.8 million for his two gubernatorial campaigns.

This war is not over. Not by a long shot. Keep at them Andrew. Keep at them Glenn.
You can find out what Andrew is up to at Big and of course Glenn can be found at FOX.
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