Just saw this incredibly irritating notice at YouTube:

We will be phasing out support for your browser soon.
Please upgrade to one of these more modern browsers.

No really, here it is:
I realize that the above is protected by the First Amendment, but I think it’s worse than so called “hate speech,” because I fear that it might have real consequences beyond merely being an annoyance.
I’m getting it because I’m forced to use IE6 as a condition of blogging. MovableType 3.2 does not support any version of Internet Explorer beyond version six. Not, that is, if you want to be able to use the following shortcuts:

  • Bold = Ctrl+Shift+B
  • Italic = Ctrl+Shift+I
  • And my favorite,

  • Insert link = Ctrl+Shift+A
  • To use the latter, first you highlight the text, then the command, then paste the URL in the box. I cannot live without it, as I do NOT want to have to type out all that carrot, plus-sign, “a href=” then carrot, slash, then “little a” then close carrot shit!
    No seriously.
    Not to sound like a crank, but all I want to do is what I have always done, and use the software I had that has worked for me for over six years. It might not sound like much, but I have become dependent on being able to use these commands while blogging inside the MovableType interface. Mozilla will not let me, nor will the newer versions of Internet Explorer.
    Worst of all, there is no easy way to upgrade Movable Type, nor is there any easy way to upgrade to any alternative blog software without archive hassles. I’m getting more and more shutdowns, errors, and lost posts like this and I don’t like it, so I don’t know what to do. (Bear in mind that I don’t want to be a geek and be forced to write code; I only want to write posts.)
    So, unless YouTube is having a hissy fit under pressure from Microsoft, the writing may be on the wall.
    Seriously, I think I have a legitimate question here. Why are my blogging traditions being throttled? Why can’t I continue to do what I have been doing for years? Any ideas?
    I’m not trying to be snarky about Obama’s new secret plan to shut down the Internet in the event of an emergency, I just have a plain, simple question:
    Will the Internet ever be finally fixed so it just works?
    Here’s a song which provides the most likely answer to the question —
    From 1961, the Parktowns’ “That Day Will Never Come”!

    Speaking of things that will never come, anyone remember “What ever gets you through the night“? It was John Lennon’s only number one solo, and while some might say that it helps promote the downfall of Western civilization, it’s actually not a bad song from a philosophical perspective. Unless you think songs about getting through the night are part of a huge commie plot (unknown to to the singers and composers themselves), and please don’t laugh, because there are people who think such things.
    Anyway, I never liked John Lennon’s version of the song, because it seemed too smarmy and PC. But songs are often improved by musicians other than the original composers, and I think Waylon Jennings does a better job with the song than did John Lennon.
    Much better, in fact.

    And if you don’t like that, then here’s “Mental Revenge” — from 1966:

    UPDATE: I’ve been trying to explain what I mean about the “entry editing shortcuts” (which only seem to be a feature of MT 3.2 and below), so I thought I’d offer a screen shot of it. Unfortunately for me, I have grown totally dependent on th feature. Spoiled, you might say. That can happen after six years of using something every day and just taking for granted that it will always be there.
    More than any other problem related to being online, I hate using the mouse, as it takes a terrible toll on my wrists. In short, I hate to click. On anything. Especially links and buttons. I want, no, I need, to use the keyboard if at all humanly possible.
    For all this time, MT’s entry editing shortcuts have made it possible, but only in IE 6. Firefox will not allow me to use the keyboard shortcut feature at all.
    Thanks again everyone. I am willing to pay for any appropriate anyone can offer. I don’t care what software it is, as long as I don’t lose this functionality. Maybe I need a custom designed plug in.
    Here’s the screenshot. The popup box which is triggered by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A is called “Explorer User Prompt” and within that it says “Script Prompt.”
    (It directs to whatever text has been highlighted, and after you paste the URL in the box, and hit “Enter” the link is a done deal — without having to use the mouse to click on any damned buttons.)
    How it works, God only knows. But I sure would like to keep it.
    My problem is that not only do I hate using the mouse, but so does my wrist.
    Plus, using the mouse is just plain awkward. It requires taking my right hand off the keyboard, finding the mouse, positioning my fingers on it, clicking, sometimes dragging, then looking, going back to the keyboard, etc. But keeping both hands on the keyboard — whether to navigate with the Ctrl and arrow keys or highlight text with the Shift and arrow keys, that’s just second nature, and feels effortless. To add the URL when I’m already holding down the Shift key to the text I have highlighted with my left ring finger, I just add two more fingers — the little finger to the “Ctrl” and the index finger to the letter “A” and then the box appears. As I have usually already copied the URL I then insert it with Ctrl+V, then Enter and viola! It sounds complicated explaining it, but it’s all one movement and I have done it so many times that it’s fluid and effortless.
    I mean it when I say I don’t want to lose this functionality. I worry that longterm I will not be able to keep IE6 forever, because it affects the overall operation of Windows, and if it becomes obsolete, I will be screwed.
    UPDATE: In a state of abject despair (and in what I assumed would be another waste of time), I just tried the latest version of Firefox (3.5.2), and to my amazement and relief, the Ctrl+Shift+A now brings what is called “Explorer User Prompt” with the “Script Prompt” in IE, except in Firefox popup box is labeled “The Page at http:///www.classicalvalues.com.”
    Saved by the bell, I guess.
    My thanks to all for leaving some very helpful advice. I was beginning to wonder what I would do in the future…