If this anonymous commenter is right in his assessment of the current political climate, then I’m clearly not living up to my responsibilities:

In recent months, the totalitarian left has finally begun reveal themselves in public. Masks Off indeed.
The radical dems are acting like they never need face the voters again – like the fix is in, forever. This is the end-game, and those of us who oppose themust realize that mid-game guides to action will soon no longer apply. There is no avoiding the final confrontation, IMO. Are we ready, no matter what happens? Or will we be un-prepared, disunited, divided, un-coordinated and overwhelmed one by one – defeated in detail?
They have control of all the levers of state and the commanding heights of the MSM, Acedemia, Hollywood, Industry, etc. The continuing threats to our lines of communication (AM radio, the net, etc.) and vehicles of peaceful action and protest is ongoing. When they strike, and close them all down, it will be too late.
Someone or someones should prepare for this, instead of trusting that the mid-game rules will still be usable. I am not that person – I don’t have the skills, ability or the life situation; but the need is clear. Duplicate lines of communications that can’t be interdicted. Underground organizations and leadership that cannot be targeted. Preparing for the worst (a full fascist flowering), instead of just hoping for the best (that our opponents will obey the constitution and the law).

End game? The “fix” is in forever? The rules will no longer apply? That is all pretty strong stuff, and if it is true, then there’s apparently no point in working within the system, or voting, or for that matter writing blog posts. It’s either time for a revolution (or, I suppose, counterrevolution) or time to leave the country.
And clearly McCain (who was booed for saying he believed Barack Obama was a decent man who respects the Constitution) is part of “the fix.” Say what you will about McCain, but I just don’t believe he is part of “the fix.” True, he is part of the political system, and he is considered a RINO by many conservatives who believe it is now their turn to take control of the GOP. But if the fix is in, what’s the point of taking control of the GOP only to see it defeated? Maybe defeat is the wrong word. If the Democrats “never need face the voters again,” then we’re where we were under Bush (who seized power and was all set to cancel the elections, but for some inexplicable reason let the power slip right through his hands).
Mind you, I would like to see the GOP win, but if they ignore political realities and voter demographics (as the left hopes), they could still lose — even if Obama’s popularity continues to fall. A groundswell of opposition does not a majority make. Dislike of A does not necessarily translate into love for B. To win requires not only that people dislike the Democrats, but that they like the Republicans. It’s a tricky business.
I have a serious problem in that the dynamics of political blogging have changed. I used to criticize both sides freely, while holding my nose and grudgingly voting for whoever the GOP served up. I realized that libertarianism would never be embraced by the GOP, that it had taken an unfortunate turn towards “National Greatness conservatism” thanks to Brooks and Kristol, and that this was a done deal. But I figured I could at least slam the social conservatives when they deserved it, and advocate libertarian politics when I could. But with the GOP out of power, that approach simply does not feel right to me, and it’s tough to explain why. It’s like, I had the luxury of saying whatever I wanted about the GOP, or social conservatives, because they were in power and “all was well” from a certain bottom line perspective (i.e. the left was out). I could even feel good about defending Bush. Plus, the war mattered in those days. There was an organized anti-war movement, and they were constantly yelling and screaming, literally begging for ridicule. Even they’ve gone away, leaving poor pathetic little Cindy Sheehan and her ilk out in the cold.
Now it seems that all there is to do is just attack Obama, all the time. Now, while I oppose his administration vehemently and I can do that, there are not enough hours in the day to do it enough, and it is tedious, repetitive, and everyone who is right of center is doing the same thing. The fact that I hate repeating myself, and I’ve already been blogging for over six years (and that Obama may well be president for another seven years) makes thinking about the future a very grim undertaking indeed. Where is it written that I have the responsibility of being a repetitive, boring, anti-Obama blogger?
The worst aspect of all of this is the fact that I hate disagreement. What has begun to sink in as never before is a simple truism:
Disagreement is disagreeable.
Complaining is negative. And if I complain about Obama, complain about statism, complain about shrill social conservatism, then it’s just all negative, always disagreeing, all the time.
True, there is still humor, and ridicule. But the left was a lot funnier when they were out of power than they are now that they’re in power. This makes the opposition less inclined to be humorous. Yet if I complain that people are taking things too seriously, that’s just another disagreement, and another complaint.
So, while I don’t like the idea that “there is no avoiding the final confrontation,” there’s a part of me that would just like to get it over with.
But like dealing with death or fatal disease, these things occur as part of a process. First there’s denial, and right now I’m still in a state of final confrontation avoidance. I’d like to keep on avoiding it, one day at a time.
However, doesn’t the fact that I just said I’d like to get it over with indicate that I might be reaching the early stages of what they call “bargaining”? Might it also mean that I’m eagerly anticipating finality? Because after all, I don’t like confrontations any more than I like disagreements, so a final confrontation might mean a final end to all confrontations.
That might be less tedious, except after a while, no more confrontations might become just as boring as the usual endless confrontations. And unity is at least as tedious as divisiveness. Conformity is as stultifying as non-conformity.
One thing is certain. As the final confrontation approaches, no matter how much or how little I do, clearly I am not doing enough.