It’s happened before, and according to the ephemeris, it’s happening again today.
Glenn Reynolds is having a birthday.
And what I want to know is why has the White House been so suspiciously silent about this occasion? They’ve had all day now, so the omission has to be deliberate.
The White House has gone out of its way to snub Glenn Reynolds.
Need I remind anyone that Glenn was a loyal servant of President Obama’s favorite spiritual advisor Jeremiah Wright, at the White House, before Obama was in it?
The whole affair was well documented, and this picture speaks for itself.
There’s no question but that the above is completely authentic. As Glenn admitted himself at the time, “photos on blogs don’t lie.”
Seriously, folks, this vicious snubbing by the White House has become a pattern. Our president has already snubbed Nikolas Sarkozy twice, he’s also snubbed Silvio Berlusconi at least once and he’s even snubbed the Queen!
Heads of foreign states being snubbed is bad enough, but this is the blogfather!
At long last, has the president no sense of shame?
MORE: The above list is just for starters. Our president has also snubbed Neil Cavuto, Nancy Reagan, gay activists, and American troops!
I think Glenn is in good company.