Many assumed the pit bull in lipstick’s bully pulpit would end with her resignation as Governor (she was too pretty for such a masculine title anyway), but it now appears Caribou Barbie may be donning headphones and gunning down callers.
Is there a market? You betcha. The Drilla from Wasilla’s campaign appearances drew huge crowds. Whether the photogenic point guard can handle the full-court press of a call-in show or will just layup a commentary now and then a la Paul Harvey remains to be seen, but there’s no questioning the enthusiasm she generates.
And why not? In a time when legislation is so convoluted, complex and circuitous that our elected representatives say there is no point in reading a law before they vote on it, a plainspoken Alaskan soccer mom’s commonsense rhetoric resonates among Republicans.
And let’s face it, she scares Democrats in and out of the media. Rarely has any novice to the national stage been so reviled, even by this revanchist political/media class. I, for one, will never forget nor forgive the way the jackals landed in Wasilla, nostrils flared for the scent of blood or scandal (even as they wagged their tails and rolled over in Chicago), nor the endless parade of frivolous ethics complaints, which together were enough to leave many with an impression that something must be wrong with Sarah Palin if so many people were complaining, no matter how little of it actually turned out to be true…
Godspeed, Sarahcuda.