Michelle Malkin has out a new book:
Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies
Here is an Amazon review:

By Peter Ingemi (Worcester County, Massachusetts United States)
Michelle Malkin’s new book “Culture of Corruption” is a damning review of a connected Chicago Pol and his connected wife who have surrounded themselves with other connected and corrupt people who only seem to have one thing in common; living off the proceeds of those connections.
The book details how over and over people have been given positions of power and used that power to direct public monies to friends, political sponsors and their families. The reward? Political support both funds and muscle, employment for family and friends and when their time of “public service” is through; “jobs” to establish or increase their personal wealth.
There are two distinct groups the first are Direct members of the “Chicago Crowd” such as the first lady and Valerie Jarret detailed in Chapter 2. These are the folks that greased the wheels to get this president where he is today. The SEIU and ACORN Chapters also reflect the Chicago connection. They are a great example of what is wrong with machine politics.
The other group are appointments unrelated to his Chicago crowd who bring their own connections/ethics/money issues to the table. It is the willingness to embrace that 2nd group, much to the surprise of “locals” familiar with the foibles of these connected pols, Washington and wall street insiders that is striking but not surprising. If after all you are going to run things the Chicago Way you need people who understand the ground rules of connection and reward. These people do in spades. (The Joe Biden chapters fits is perfectly here).
The 300 pages and the copious notes including tons of web references with dates of access very much support the thesis that the “hope and change” of the administration is a lot of Hotair.

You can read the rest of the review at the book link above.
You can also watch Ms. Malkin on PJTV discussing her book. She brings up a lot of questions based on recent news that are not included in her book.
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