Well, I have to blame something, don’t I?
There’s some fat woman whose picture I keep seeing every day at Drudge, and I haven’t been interested because it looks like a plug for a TV show or something.
This morning, (after having seen her picture for probably the 20th time), I figured I should check into the story to find out what it is that I’m missing that’s supposed to be so important.
The name of the woman is Susan Boyle, and she is a “Scottish singer – whose performances in earlier rounds of the show clocked up millions of views on YouTube.”
OK, I’m sure there are other performers who rack up millions of views on YouTube. So what is the big deal? Why is it assumed that I should be even remotely interested?
Anyway, she lost whatever the contest was after being “beaten in the final of Britain’s Got Talent by brilliant dance act Diversity.”
(Never heard of them either.)
Will someone tell me what I am missing?
Once again, I blame the culture for my cultural illiteracy!
But perhaps I’m a culturally insensitive bastard.
Would that be my fault? Should I care?
MORE: Please note that I have never watched this woman perform. Do I have to?