This is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party.

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley criticized the Obama administration Thursday for moving to loosen restrictions on medical marijuana.
At a gathering to discuss health care reform, the Iowa lawmaker criticized the Justice Department’s new policy of targeting California’s medical marijuana distributors only if they violate both federal and state law.

When even former Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey comes out for legalization of marijuana for adults you can tell the Republican Party is out of step with the nation. Depending on the survey between 55% and 85% of Americans favor medical marijuana. When medical marijuana is on the ballot it almost invariably does well. In fact it is so popular that some state legislatures are passing laws. On top of that Grassley is passing out discredited bromides like “mother’s milk leads to harder drugs”. Actually mother’s milk contains marijuana analogs. It has a soothing effect on babies and makes them want to eat (well drink) more. In tests with mice – babies that didn’t get their full quota of marijuana analogs didn’t do well. Uh. Where was I? Distracted by breastfeeding mothers I fear.
So why is the Republican Senator denying the will of the people? I was under the impression that politics was all about winning elections, but it is entirely possible that I have a mistaken view of the process.
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